Mercy Day at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital

Emory Saint Joseph's HospitalWhere did you see Mercy in action today?

Each year, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital celebrates Mercy Day – a time to reflect on the heritage of loving service and compassionate care that has guided this hospital for more than 130 years. Mercy Day is celebrated each year on September 24. In the week leading up to Mercy Day, we invite you to pause and reflect on the question: “Where did you see Mercy in action today?”

Please take the time to  share a real time/ real life example of Mercy in action  in the comment boxes below, on Facebook at, or on Twitter @SaintJosephsATL.

History of Mercy Day
Catherine McAuley opened the first House of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1820’s to care for destitute women and orphans. As others joined Catherine in assisting the homeless and the hungry, serving the poor and visiting the sick, Catherine established a new religious congregation which was to be called the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters’ mission soon included all the works of mercy and Catherine’s Sisters of Mercy rapidly spread throughout Ireland, England, North America and eventually throughout the world. In 1880, the Sisters of Mercy came from Savannah to Atlanta and opened Saint Joseph’s Hospital.


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