Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital Assists Georgia Families in Need

atlanta-food-bankEmory Saint Joseph’s Hospital assisted families in need in Georgia last month, by organizing their largest canned food drive to date. Susan Freed, Director of Care Coordination at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, discovered that the Atlanta Community Food Bank historically has the least amount of donations during February. The hospital wanted to help fill that gap.

In response, almost 70 hospital employees, from Respiratory, Financial Services, Care Coordination, Nursing Services, Physical Therapy, Employee Health and other hospitalists, donated 658 pounds of canned goods. “This is a real success story, because we surpassed our goal of donating 400 pounds of canned goods,” said Ms. Freed.

This feat did not go unnoticed by Elizabeth Haskell, Food Drive Sourcing Specialist at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. She observed that this single donation effort by Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital provided 548 meals to Georgia families, seniors, and children in need. “We appreciate the hospital’s incredible generosity because more than 58,000 people receive emergency food assistance each week through our network.”

Want to help out? Contact the Atlanta Community Food Bank and find out ways you, too, can provide meals for those in need.


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