Emory Saint Joseph’s Staff Shelters Atlantans During Snow Jam

snowjam2014Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital was recently featured in Catholic Health Word for the heroic efforts of its staff in taking care of not only their patients and each other during the snowstorm that shut down the city, but also caring for stranded motorists who sought shelter in the hospital.

“Everyone pitched in, and everyone pulled together,” said Sr. Rosemary Smith, SC, Chief Mission Officer.

Stories of staff members going above and beyond to meet the needs of patients, families and other staff members around them seem nearly endless, from working multiple shifts to cover for those who couldn’t make it in, to sleeping in classrooms before returning to their next shift. Perhaps one of the most poignant, however, is the Saint Joseph’s courier who walked four miles from his gridlocked car to the hospital to deliver lab specimens needed for patients undergoing surgery.


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