Employees across Emory rally to support Mercy Day

Mercy Day kitsEach year, employees from Saint Joseph’s Hospital celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph by donating toiletry items to help men, women and children in need who are served by Mercy Care Services.

The toiletry items are bundled into packages of shampoo, condition, soap, lotion and other basic hygiene necessities and are known as “dignity kits,” for the simple act of hygiene helps bring restoration to a person’s dignity.

This year, Emory Saint Joseph’s efforts were multiplied as employees across all of Emory Healthcare rallied to gather donations.

Together, they surpassed the goal of collecting and assembling 5,000 toiletry kits.

  • Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital raised $2,242.10 and $7,500 worth of toiletry items, totaling 3,247 kits.
  • In the first year of Emory Healthcare system-wide participation, we collected an additional $8,000 worth of toiletry items totaling 2,667 kits.

In total, some 5,914 toiletry kits have been donated to Mercy Care Services this year!

Denise Garlow of Mercy Care said, “Mercy Care staff would like to send a big thank to Emory Healthcare staff for their generous Mercy Day donations. Wow! The spirit of merciful giving is flowing through Emory Healthcare. We are grateful.”


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