Tips on How to Prepare Your Body for the Summer Heat

summer-heatOn June 21, 2013, the summer solstice made its way into the region of Atlanta, Georgia. Summer is officially here. While we all anticipate the warmer weather, extended daylight hours, summer festivals and outdoor activities, our bodies may not be prepared for the change.

Increased heat, which comes with the change of seasons, can cause an unprepared body to go into shock and overheat, therefore causing you to become miserable. Summers are hot and often times humid, especially here in Atlanta. To alleviate the risk of having an unpleasant summer, here are some suggestions on coping with the hot season.

  • Eat small meals
    •  Eating large meals overloads the digestive system and can produce overly warm energy. Remember this: “eat light, feel light.”
  •  Avoid spicy food
    • Spicy and seasoned foods have a warming effect on the body, which can cause an increase of perspiration.
  • Eat foods that are easy to digest
    • This goes back to the “eat light, feel light” saying. Consuming fresh leafy greens and fruits are also much more refreshing then a heavy steak.
    • Water prevents dehydration, improves your digestive processes; adds moisture to the skin and prevents dryness. Enough said.
  • Wear sunscreen
    • This is extremely important. We must not forget that while we’re caring for our body the largest organ on our body must get the same care, our skin.
  •  And exercise.
    •  Exercise ensures that we’re keeping our body refreshed and healthy. Tip: If you find that exercising outdoors midday is unbearable because of the heat, try early morning, outdoor workouts or join a gym.

Do you have any tips and suggestions on how to prepare and get through the hot summer months ahead? Share them with us in the comment section below.


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