5 Back-To-School Health and Safety Tips for Your Child

School’s back in session, and while some students are concerned about new supplies, clothes, teachers and friends, parents may have concerns pertaining to their child’s health and wellness. In most cases, vaccinations are required for school enrollment and can help protect a child’s health, wellness and well being. There are also extra prevention steps parents can teach their children. By following these 5 wellness tips, you’ll definitely be on the right track helping prevent the unwelcomed sore or strep throat with your eager student.

Germ Etiquette
First things first! While keeping your child from every potentially ill child is not possible, you can take the first steps with ensuring they do not spread their own germs. Teaching your child to cough and sneeze into their shoulder or elbow instead of directly into hands (which then touch other things, and further spread the germs) is just one way to go. When a child see’s another child coughing or sneezing, they should move away rather than interact.

Don’t share (while at school)
We’re all taught and required to share in our lives from childhood into adulthood. But fortunately, as adults, we know when sharing is appropriate and when It’s not. It’s important to teach children the same lesson. Children should use there are own chapstick or lip balm and avoid sharing things like beverages as well. Skin infections including herpes could occur with the utilization of another person’s make-up, creams and lotions. Other items off-limits for sharing with friends include ear buds, locker-room towels, jerseys, helmets and baseball gloves.

With younger children, it may be difficult to avoid sharing books and toys in the classroom. If this is the case for your child or student, it's best to remind your child to wash there hands afterward and avoid touching their eyes, mouth, or nose until they do.

Hand Sanitizer
Providing your child with hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, is a great alternative when soap, water and a towel aren’t available. The CDC recommends that a gel based sanitizer contain at least 60% alcohol for it to be effective. One should rub hands together with gel until hands are completely dry for best results.

Build Immunity
Ensure that your child takes preventive actions with their health. Develop good sleeping habits and incorporating play times for fitness, avoiding stress and eating well-balanced diets are all good places to start. Encourage healthy habits by providing healthy options. Also try encouraging your child to drink water during lunch at school, which will help keep their immune system strong.

Donate (classroom germ supplies)
Many schools and teachers are stretched financially and may not have the resources necessary to maintain a healthy classroom year-round. Donating essential items to your child’s classroom will allow for continuous health awareness and encourage healthy habits all of the time. Teachers may also appreciate small paper cups for water, colorful posters reminding kids to wash their hands, or for younger kids, providing soaps with a fun color can encourage them to lather up.

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