In Search of a Healthier Life? We Have an App for That…

Welcome to the 21st Century! Isn’t it amazing to see how far technology has brought us? Our ability to obtain and share information quickly using tools like Google search, Email, Push notification, and Social Networking is more than convenient and fun, these tools allow us to research and understand our conditions and can aid us in living longer, healthier lives.  Just 50 years ago it wasn’t possible to look up the latest medical technology in cancer treatments or find the best doctor in your area.  We believe the web and social tools can be used as a tremendous resource.

Saint Joseph’s wants to contribute to the general well being of our community and whoever stumbles upon this blog.  We are all familiar with apps and how they transform our Smart phones into whatever solution we need at the time. Apps are great for playing games, finding directions, or stalking your favorite celebrity; however, they can also help you lead a better, healthier life (and who doesn’t want to live longer?)! So, I have done some research and found the most useful and proactive apps to help you live a healthy life.


One of the most used web sites for medical advice comes to your smart phone. Whether you have kids or just want quick accurate answers for: symptoms, first aid, conditions, drugs & treatments, pill identification etc… it’s all here.  This is one of the few apps that can immediately start saving you money and not cost you a thing!

Web MD is a model example of a great app. It is easy to use, well designed, very useful, and free. The only reason someone wouldn’t want to get this app is if they had a doctor in the family already. For solution. Again this is a tool and should not be used in place of seeing your physician.


The world is full of unexpected situations. How prepared you are depends on your personal experience.  The “Disaster Readiness Guide” will help you fill the gaps and be prepared for any situation, natural or unnatural.

This app is a very useful and comprehensive guide for almost any emergency. You may be thinking that all of this information resides on the web or in books. Why would i want to spend $1.99 on this app?  This app puts all the information on your phone so when you need it its available. If the Internet is out your phone will still be able to guide you through an emergency situation. In my opinion this is well worth the couple of bucks if it could potentially save your life.


My goal is to search through Apple’s ever growing library of great apps for the most useful and healthy apps out there. If there are any health apps that you think are great please post them in the comments. If they are as good as you think they are, I would be more than happy to post them on this blog. Any feedback will be helpful in making this blog the best it can be!

Arturo Holmes II
Saint Joseph’s Hospital Atlanta
Web/Graphic Designer
Arturo has been a web designer at Saint Joseph’s for nearly 2 years. He describes his job as “very 3 dimensional” and rarely is there a marketing project where Art is not involved. Arturo is responsible for creating web, graphic, and digital designs, animation, video and many other types of design work.

Arturo says of his career, “I thoroughly love what I do, and throughout my life have always been involved with art in some medium.”  Growing up a “military brat,” Arturo credits his creative inspiration came from being exposed to many different cultures and forms of expression early on in his life.  He says, “I learned from an early age the world is a unique and diverse place. Now, the older I become, the more I am able to appreciate the beauty in everyone’s differences.”

Arturo will tell you he lives by the theory of mimesis–to never look at life without seeing the art in it or its effect on people’s lives.  When Arturo is not creating work from a blank screen you can find him out exploring. Arturo enjoys traveling, sports of any kind, hiking, and finding new ways to tire his energetic Boxer, Mona. Arturo has always had an insatiable hunger for technology and the ways it can make our lives easier.  Arturo volunteered to write this blog so that he may share his research with you-our Saint Joseph’s community.


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