Mission Slim Possible

As we celebrate the conclusion of our 2011 Corporate Wellness Program, coined Mission Slim Possible, we wanted to share with you the success of one of our participants.  Sharon Hornbuckle was kind enough to take us with her not only on her personal weight loss journey, but on her journey of surviving Lymphoma:

This has not been about how much I have lost, but about how much I have gained.  An increase in my energy and stamina has been the biggest benefit coupled with a renewed hope that I can return to a level of wellness that I have been striving for over the last several years following an extended battle with Lymphoma.   The residual from the chemo left me chronically fatigued and 40 lbs heavier.  I was desperate for a “jump start” to a wellness journey, and Mission Slim Possible has been the perfect tool for me.  There were 4 of us from the Patient Safety and Quality Department that joined the program.   It was wonderful having the support and encouragement from my co-workers. We have been exercising together at lunch time when our schedule allows it as well as attending the educational offerings related to the Mission Slim Possible Program.  I am getting more disciplined with journaling and I am definitely more aware of healthful eating.  Improving my physical energy has boosted my mental energy considerably giving me hope that I can lose these excess pounds and feel well again.  During the 12 week program I have steadily lost between ½ to 1 pound per week as well as 5 inches, and I have to admit that it has been relatively painless.  I see a new spring wardrobe in my future!

With my increased energy and stamina I began to realize that walking the 5K Lymphomathon scheduled for April 30th is a realistic goal.  Because of being a Lymphoma Cancer Survivor I want to support Lymphoma research and eradication of this dreadful disease.  I have formed a team called “Quality Living” and several people from my department are going to join me for this walk.  I am inviting all my friends and family to join me, including my hospital family. If there is anyone interested in joining us for this 5K walk, please contact me at shornbuckle@sjha.org.  Prior to joining Mission Slim Possible this is not something I would have never considered doing because of my energy level.  I am thankful that Saint Joseph’s offered this program and I hope they can continue to offer it to their employees.



Sharon and her Department upon completion of Mission Slim Possible


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